Multi-factor Authentication

The college will be rolling out Microsoft's two-step verification or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

This will only be applicable when signing into myecc OFF-CAMPUS. You will NOT be prompted if attempting to sign into a SUNY Erie domain joined computer or if you attempt to log in to MyECC via web browser while connected to SUNY Erie's network. 

We HIGHLY recommend entering in 2 authentication methods in case your primary method later becaomes unavailable.

Once successfully authenticated, you have the option of delaying MFA for 30 days on that web browser or device.

You will be prompted to set up additional authentication options after you sign in. These options can also be adjusted at any time by clicking here:

Additional security verification


Click the "Set it up now" button. You will then be presented with the following screen. You may choose an Authentication phone (usually a cell phone), your office phone, or the authenticator app which can be downloaded and installed on your cell phone.

These instructions will first show use of text messages using the authentication or cell phone.

Select Authentication phone, United States(+1), and input your cell phone number (ex 7165555555)

Click the "Next Button". You will then receive a notice that a text message has been sent to the Authentication phone.

On your phone, you will see a message similar to this:

Type the code into the text box and click "Verify".

When the process is complete, click the "Done" button.

The next time you attempt to log in to Office 365 off-campus, you will receive this additional prompt:

You will receive a code on your Authentication Phone:


Make sure you enter the latest code sent to your device.

If you would like to use this method, you are all set. You will need to enter in a new code each time, but can delay it for 30 days. Any new browser type or device will require an additional authentication code entry.

Microsoft Authenticator App

The Microsoft authenticator App allows the use of a cell phone as a second factor without the need for any text messages. We can configure settings to avoid having to enter any passcodes.

Select "Notify me through app" and click the "Authenticator app" check box. Then click the "Configure" button.

A QR barcode will be displayed as shown below:

We must download and install the Microsoft Authenticator App. Once installed, open it up and tap the "+" sign at the top right hand side. Then Select "Work or School Account".

You will then be prompted for the App to use you phone's camera. Tap "Allow". You will then be able to scan the UPC barcode with your phone

Once Successful, you will see something similar to the screenshot below:


You may either use the 6 digit code generated like in the screen above to log in, or you may use the "notify me through app" option to authenticate without entering any passcodes. When attempting to log in from a computer, you will open the authenticator app and see a prompt like in this screenshot:


Regardless of which method you use, click the "Save" button to continue.

You must click "Verify preferred option" (either 6 digit code or prompt) via app.

Once complete, the Authenticator app will be used as a second factor to log in from that point forward. If at any time, assistance is required, please contact the ITS Service Desk at Extension: 1835 or externally at 716-851-1835.