Resetting Your SUNY Erie Account Password

In the event your account becomes inaccessible, a password reset might be necessary. To reset your account password, follow the steps outlined below. If you are unable to complete the process or need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desl at or 716-851-1835.

Resetting account password

  • Click here: Password Reset
  • This will redirect to a Microsoft account reset page.
  • Input your full email address. i.e.
  • Complete the captcha text then proceed to the next screen.

  • If you currently have no recovery options, please jump to "Registering Your SUNY Erie Account Recovery Options" instructions below.
  • Select method of recovery. The example below shows resetting via recovery questions.


  •  Fill in answers to all three questions then click “Next” to proceed to password creation.
  • Create a new strong secure password using the SUNY Erie Password Guidelines. The password guidelines can be found on the ITS-Security website at: ITS Password Guidelines
    • Students must have a minimum of 8 characters
    • Staff/Faculty must have a minimum of 10 Characters
    • High-risk Staff/Faculty must have a minimum of 12 characters


  •  Password reset is now complete, and access should be restored to your SUNY Erie account. If at any time, assistance is required, please contact the helpdesk at or 716-835-1511.

Registering Your SUNY Erie Account Recovery Options

The process will only need to be completed once and enables the option for self-service password reset, without the need to be on campus. Please follow this link: Authentication Options 

Upon first login to MyECC, the page will redirect to a new Microsoft page as shown below. This is the initial recovery registration page that begins the process. Click "Next" to begin the process of setting up recovery options.

There are three options to enable recovery. Phone, Email and Security Questions. SUNY Erie ITS recommends using Phone, Email or a combination of the two. If neither of those are viable options, then Security Questions may be used. Only one of the options must be enabled to complete the process. Setting up more than one helps to increase security and is highly encouraged. The setup page will guide you through setting up these recovery options.

Authentication recovery via Phone

  • Selecting this method will allow a phone number to be setup for either text or call recovery.
  • Input desired phone number and choose either "text me" or "call me".
  • Input the verification code received on your device, to complete the phone recovery setup and return to the main menu.



Authentication recovery via alternate Email

  • Selecting this method will allow an alternate email address to be used for account recovery. The account listed cannot be an SUNY Erie email account. ITS recommends setting the email used for initial student or employee application, if access is available.
  • Input recovery email address then look for an email coming from: It will contain a verification code needed to continue setup. Continue to the main menu.





Authentication recovery via Security Questions

  • Selecting this method will allow account recovery by answering challenge questions created in this step.
  • A total of five (5) questions must be created at setup. Upon account recovery, three (3) questions must be answered correctly to proceed. Each answer must be unique and contain a minimum of three characters.
  • Select recovery questions from the list provided and enter answers. Once finished, click “save answers” and continue to the main menu.


  • Once satisfied with recovery options selected, click "Finish" to complete registration process. Your SUNY Erie account is now setup for self-service password reset.